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Intermodal services: benefits and solutions

With its experience and professionalism in the transportation industry, FAI SERVICE offers you the best travel solution

By relying on us, you won’t have to worry about a thing; our reservation assistance is active 7 days a week, offering you fast and priority access, as well as deferred payments in monthly bills and discounts where applicable.

With the need to move goods internationally, more and more combinations of road-to-rail, road-to-water and so on are needed, with the aim of reaching each destination at the most profitable way.

The ability to transport on vehicles prepared for the large load capacities for long distances at the lowest environmental and economic impact has made the intermodal sector the most attractive one.

Our reservation services provide you with information on travel times and costs for using intermodal transportation such as trains and ferries.

Railways and shuttle trains

FAI SERVICE offers its clients a reservation service for boarding vehicles on shuttle trains from Italy to France, Austria and Germany, guaranteeing maximum discounts where applicable.

Connection between
Italy and France
Connection between
Italy and Germany
Connection between
Italy and Austria

Maritime intermodality

FAI SERVICE offers its customers a booking service for boarding heavy vehicles on ferries duly equipped for the purpose. The shipping companies it relies on and the routes vary depending on the needs.





FAI SERVICE, services for the road haulage and the haulier.

Our offer includes:

Deferred payment on a monthly invoice

Booking services active 7 days a week

Quick access to trains/ferries without reservation

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