Vehicles travel
with our services
Vehicles travel
with our services
Our mission

Travelling with travellers.

Always be there for the hauliers.
This is the horizon that guides our work and inspires our actions for the haulage industry because we know the problems that hauliers encounter on the roads and the importance of being present, not just when needed, but at all times.

A partner for road haulage companies.

Useful, innovative and increasingly customised services for the haulier’s needs. Because, for us, every customer is a world made up of people who work and whom we support with a set of solutions conceived for every need and requirement.


Because we have always being travelling on the most important route, the one leading towards the future. This is to make your company's growth more secure, sustainable and serene with constant and technologically advanced support always with you.

What can
we offer you?

We offer full services for the road haulage industry, payment of motorway tolls in Italy and Europe, transit through Alpine tunnels, VAT recovery, advanced intermodal and advanced telematic services. Rely on our services and subscribe to Lumesia for carefree travel.

Lumesia, services for the road haulage and the haulier.

Toll payment, insurance, telematics, intermodal bookings, VAT recovery and the innovative service Lumesia Card

Costs under control


on the road

Advanced telematics services to get everything under control.

Toll, geolocation and advanced tachograph services in one place!

Control and manage your fleet. Locate your vehicles to know their real-time position 24/24, check the tachographs remotely and access a world of telematic services to always have everything under control.

Tel: +39 0171 416000

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GEO Service

Real-time geolocation
and position control of the entire fleet

Remote download and analysis of fleet tachograph data (drivers and trucks)

Andvanced real-time geolocation
and position control of the entire fleet

Analysis, automatic remote custom reporting and mission management on maps

Integrated messaging and highway cost estimator, always included

Toll payment has never been easier!

Italian and European motorway tolls, tunnels and canals for trips without surprises.

You pay tolls on the entire national network via the best DSRC or satellite-based devices. With the same devices you also access Europe’s largest motorway toll coverage.

Access tolls of Alpine tunnels (Mont Blanc, Frejus, Great St. Bernard), Eurotunnel (English Channel) and Dartford Crossing.

Lumesia, services for the road haulage industry

Lumesia Insurance.
The insurance broker that finds the best technical and economic solutions.

Insurance for every insurance coverage need
Our goal is to ensure support and advice in the search for the best insurance policies, supporting the haulier at the time of his choice and, above all, at the time of the claim..

Lumesia Insurance is well aware of the needs of the world of road transport and is constantly looking for the best insurance solutions to best meet them.

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