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What we offer

A point of reference in the world of road transport, LUMESIA makes its expertise and technology available to help you grow your business, providing all the services your company needs.

Heavy transport is a sector as essential as complicated: calculating the best route, analysing costs and revenues, VAT recovery, managing employee and toll’s payments are often underestimated and it happens that one does not operate at one’s best or wastes too much time.

We will take care of everything, because for us the customer is the focus. We want to be your ideal travelling companion, able to help you the best and simplify everything for you.

Discover our services


You will be able to pay for motorway routes of all national and European routes, cross bridges and tunnels with the best discounts reserved for you


Solutions developed to monitor traffic in real time, analyse data, manage travel and staff, increase profits


Support and advice in finding the best insurance package, according to your needs, with discounted prices thanks to numerous agreements

Lumesia Card

A single card that can be used to pay tolls and fuel in a single invoice and with fast and safe transactions

Financial services

We recover the VAT of your expenses abroad, by submitting your claims quaterly, semiannually or annually, as needed, and issuing refunds on your invoice

Intermodal bookings

Connections and agreements throughout Europe for bookings by sea or rail, booking for you at the best price

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