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FAI SERVICE is well aware of the needs of the world of road transport. This is why it is constantly looking for the best solutions to best meet these needs. Also in the insurance field. FAI SERVICE, through its subsidiary, Lumesia Insurance, has renewed products, signed new partnerships with the best insurance companies to insure your company, your vehicles, goods and and your working people. The mission is to provide support and advice in the search for the best policies, supporting you in the moment of the accident!

We can offer several products (only for Italian Customers):

Polizza Capacità Finanziaria (Financial Capacity Policy)

For the trucking company, it's very convenient and competitive thanks to the agreement with BENE ASSICURAZIONI

Polizze RC Autocarro (Truck Civil Liability Policy)

(Greater and less than 35q) in single form and with great advantages related to the matriculation books

Polizze CVT (CVT Policies)

(fire, theft, weather, Kasko etc) with a very competitive insurance premium and the possibility to buy the Kasko in single form without having to match it necessarily with other guarantees

Responsabilità Civile del Vettore (Carrier's Liability)

In convention to offer you the best, and many other solutions related to the entrepreneur, the enterprise and its employees.

Polizze Tutela Legale (Legal Protection Insurance)

With reimbursement ceilings at the top of the market

Polizze Assistenza stradale Veicoli Commerciali (Commercial Vehicles Road Assistance Policies)

(3,50 Euro per month) and Truck from 22 Euro with services offered thanks to the exclusive agreement in place for FAI SERVICE

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With Lumesia Insurance you have access to a line of insurance products and services built around the needs of the logistics and transport sector.
We have an in-depth knowledge of the sector that allows us to build, together with our partners, both standard and tailor-made solutions to cover every protection need in the areas of vehicles, business, goods and people.

Contact us for more information on (+39) 0171 41 60 00