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One card, for every need

An exclusive, safe and comprehensive card. From our experience, the Lumesia card was born, allowing you to make the most of every trip you take. Ideal for all tolls, truck wash and fuel payments, it offers the best market conditions available and is valid throughout Europe. Our outlets are constantly expanding, as are our conventions, such as special fuel prices and reserved outdoor parking.

The payment is unique and the attached invoice details the individual items of expenditure. In this way it will be quicker and faster to control the monthly expenses.

Much more than just a card

Transaction security is our priority. Secure and fast transactions, protected against all kinds of fraud.

Our assistance is at your service, without waiting we will be able to solve any problems and answer any questions you may have.

Our card, your travels

With the Lumesia card, refueling has never been easier: fast and safe payments and dedicated assistance will accompany you on your journey, thus avoiding any unforeseen events.

Refueling's control

You will be able to monitor your spending in real time, with detailed reports.

Parking areas

Spaces dedicated to you in our affiliated centers, scattered throughout Europe.

Reserved prices

Discount on refueling, at the best market conditions.

Not just a fuel card

The Lumesia card also becomes essential as you approach the highway toll booth.
With this card, it is also possible to pay for motorway routes in some European countries (such as Switzerland and Slovenia), thus avoiding long delays and becoming a valid substitute for the for electronic toll collection service.

Real time control

With our card you can check the real time situation of transit costs, as well as the points of entry and exit from the motorway area.

Integrated payment

Unique payments, integrated into a single invoice, in order to better manage your transport, detailing costs and consumption of the entire trip.

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