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We do everything... we even recover the VAT for you!

We are perfectly aware of the needs of the road haulage sector: travelling abroad can waste valuable time on VAT recovery applications.

Every purchase abroad, if it is related to your business, gives you the right to a VAT refund, through the appropriate application. By choosing our services, we will take care of all the bureaucracy, forwarding the appropriate application for you and giving you the refund obtained directly on the invoice.

Not only that, by choosing to pay through our tools, you will not pay anything, and the payment on the invoice will already be net of VAT.

Recover paid VAT quickly and easily

If you make purchases abroad for the operation of your business, you are entitled to recover the tax by submitting a special application. FAI SERVICE submits the application on your behalf quarterly, semiannually or annually, as needed, and will refund the VAT as soon as it is paid by the foreign ministries.

In addition, if you use the equipment provided by FAI SERVICE abroad, by activating the “net invoicing” service, you can get the payment of the FAI SERVICE invoice net of VAT, without having to pay the tax shown on the invoice.

FAI SERVICE, services for the road haulage and the haulier.

Our offer includes:

Net billing on FAI SERVICE invoices

High standards of service

VAT advance (coming soon)

French Excise Duty Recovery

All road haulage companies travelling within France are entitled to the reimbursement of fuel excise duties.

With FAI SERVICE, you can request to be refunded of the T.I.C.P.E. (Internal Tax on the Consumption of Energy Products) for fuel purchases in France for vehicles with a capacity greater than 7,5 tonnes.

Fill up the tank, we'll take care of the rest!

By relying on FAI SERVICE, you will not have to worry about bureaucracy, letting FAI SERVICE submit the application on your behalf.

We assure you the fastest possible submission of claims for the recovery of excise duties on fuel.

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