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All information in one platform

Our platform has been developed with the best available technologies and a simple and intuitive, yet comprehensive and integrated interface, with the sole purpose of maximizing the management of your fleet.

Designed for companies transporting goods and people, but able to adapt to any need, the goal is simple: maximize profits while minimizing planning and monitoring time..

Everything under control anytime and anywhere


Our basic service, integrated with desktop and mobile apps, has everything you need to track your movements, such as real time positioning, travel estimator and fleet management.

Technology at the service of heavy transport


The LUMESIA KRONO package is designed for advanced data analysis, with the aim of increasing marginality, it helps improve internal processes through monitoring of chrono data, infractions and consumption; in addition to the benefits of the LUMESIA GEO package.

Includes all services of the LUMESIA GEO package

With in addition:

All the information you need in one place


The LUMESIA GEO+ package gives you advanced geolocation service with professional maps, indication of parking and fueling points with daily updated prices, and a detailed route planner that takes into account truck bans, traffic, tolls, and vehicle type.

Includes all services of the LUMESIA GEO package:

With in addition:

The future of road transport is here


The LUMESIA KRONO+ package is the most comprehensive: in addition to the benefits of the LUMESIA KRONO and LUMESIA GEO+ packages, staff management is also included. Integrated with push notifications functions for driver violations, recall and data production for the employment ledger. Simulations are advanced and optimized, taking into account vehicle type, traffic and real time prohibitions.

Includes all services of the LUMESIA KRONO and LUMESIA GEO+ packages:

With in addition:

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